Recruitment & Staffing

Recruitment & Staffing

Discover the Arina Advantage in Recruitment and Staffing: With a vast talent pool, extensive network, and loyal following, we stand apart in the industry. Unlike traditional recruitment firms, we boast decades of experience solely in software, programming, and cloud technologies.

Born in the cloud and dedicated to innovation, we're your trusted partner in finding the right talent for your technological needs.

Our Recruitment & Staffing Process

Initial Consultation

  • Conduct an in-depth meeting with the hiring manager to comprehensively understand their requirements and expectations.
  • Discuss job details, existing job descriptions, and any rare skill sets required, suggesting resources with similar skill sets if necessary.
  • Verify job location, client rate, and other pertinent details to ensure alignment with client needs.

Collaborative Interview Process

  • Our recruiters and technical team collaborate to conduct interviews with both internal and external resources.
  • Shortlisted candidates undergo rigorous screening processes to ensure suitability for the role.
  • Only the most qualified candidates are presented to the hiring manager for consideration.

Interview Coordination and Feedback Loop

  • Facilitate interview scheduling between the hiring manager and shortlisted candidates.
  • Gather feedback from the hiring manager on candidate suitability and refine subsequent resource selections accordingly.
  • With our efficient processes, we aim to fill multiple positions within a week or two, ensuring timely staffing solutions.